Facilitating VEJA’s sales worldwide with multiple languages and geographical pricing system

Tech Stack

Frameworks & Tools
  • Magento
IndustryRetail & eCommerce, Fashion & Apparels

Client’s introduction

VEJA is a Paris-based footwear brand that has been making eco-friendly sneakers since 2005. They use high-quality organic cotton, recycled materials, and sustainable leather. Their production process emphasizes social projects and ecological materials. The sneakers are made in Brazil with environmentally friendly practices and are both comfortable and versatile.

Client’s demands

Functionally limited by language barriers and static pricing, VEJA sought an e-commerce platform that could seamlessly navigate the world. They nneededa website that was both visually stunning and dynamically responsive, adapting to different languages and currencies with ease. Prices needed to be dynamically adjusted and displayed according to the user’s location and currency.

Our actions

We built a robust and scalable website on the Magento platform, known for its powerful features and flexibility. It implements a dynamic currency conversion function, automatically adjusting prices based on the user’s region and country. We optimized the website for speed and performance, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable user experience across all devices. The design of the website was specifically crafted to direct users toward the products they are interested in. A clear and intuitive navigation system, including a mega menu, facilitates easy product discovery. We integrated features like shipping pickup locations and Colissimo functionalities to provide a hassle-free shipping experience for customers worldwide. Shipping methods are automatically displayed based on the user’s configured country, ensuring accurate and transparent shipping costs.

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