Artful Horizon: Transforming Galerie d’art Iris with an Innovative Art and Craft eCommerce Solution

Tech Stack

Frameworks & Tools
  • Magento
  • AWS
IndustryArt and Craft Movement

Client’s introduction

Galerie d’art Iris is the meeting place for the most significant trends in contemporary Canadian art. Vast and varied, the gallery currently features artists’ creations in various styles, bringing together paintings, scvulptures, crafts, and jewelry.

Client’s demands

A robust website solution capable of handling substantial traffic volume and seamlessly integrating with the file-maker import system
A customized eCommerce solution that meets customers’ needs, boosts online sales and revenue margins, and provides personalized shopping experiences

Our actions

Implemented website optimizations using a CDN and caching, rearranging code, optimizing bandwidth, etc.
Leveraged social media, device compatibility, and personalized search intent for better results


Improved website performance score
Positive customer feedback on website speed and smooth UX
Increased customer acquisition due to exact match search results

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