Pierna Stage Upgrade: Overhauling E-commerce for Seamless UI/UX, Global Reach, and Gamified Interaction

Tech Stack

Frameworks & Tools
  • AWS
  • VueJS
IndustryClothing & Beauty, Fashion & Apparels

Client’s introduction

Pierna Stage is an e-commerce website that includes many online stores, including stores for makeup artists, event space rentals, studio rentals, dance studios, decorative, and piano rentals. , guitar, clothes,...

Client’s demands

They need a comprehensive website development solution, covering UI/UX design, backend functionality, and shipping options. The user-friendliness UI/UX design should effectively display the order process and provide visibility into the shipping status. It must also include a comment review feature for user feedback. Additionally, there is a requirement for a one-on-one chat function with sellers for each product. The implementation of a reward points system and data migration from their old website to the new cgimall framework is essential.

Our actions

Beginning with collaborative redesign efforts, the company undergoes a comprehensive website transformation in partnership with the customer. The e-commerce system sees a significant overhaul, transitioning to the robust cgimall framework, accompanied by the meticulous transfer of data from the previous system. Global connectivity is a priority, with shipping and payment units seamlessly supporting operations in both China and Korea. A pivotal addition is the integration of a 1:1 chat feature, promoting direct user communication. Furthermore, users can accumulate points, adding a gamified element to enhance engagement and enrich the overall user experience within the revamped framework.

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