Tita Life: Establish a new website with Woo Ecommerce

Tech Stack

Frameworks & Tools
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
IndustryClothing & Beauty, Fashion & Apparels

Client’s introduction

Tita Life blends the timeless allure of Asian aesthetics with contemporary fashion. Discover a curated collection of clothing that embodies the essence of artistry and elegance. From exquisite designs to exquisite materials, you are invited to explore a world where every garment tells a story and elevates your style. Welcome to Tita Life, where fashion is an expression of beauty and culture in every thread.

Client’s demands

An e-commerce website to boots business sales

  • Website multilanguage function, multi payment currency
  • Chatbox to connect with customers
  • Social media connection, blog content

Our actions

  • Utilized WordPress platform to build UI/UX for website
  • Utilized Woocommerce to establish a sale and product management system
  • Integrated social networking (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) for business website


  • An environment to organize online sales activities established
  • New contact channels between customers and business products
  • Flexible & easy-to-use website UI-UX and functions
  • Blogs on websites conveniently and easily updated

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