Deco TV Frames: Elevating UX through Advanced Frame Selection

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Client’s introduction

Deco TV Frames emerged to offer a diverse line of frames to complement this innovative television due to Samsung The Frame's popularity. Since its inception, Deco TV Frames has supplied custom frames to clients worldwide, catering to homes, commercial spaces, and luxury establishments with a range of customizable high-quality options.

Client’s demands

Deco TV Frames were requesting a sophisticated system that allows them to seamlessly select frame options for their TV units. They desire the ability to view detailed product descriptions or authentic images, along with support for exploring related products. A user-friendly design is crucial, and there is a specific emphasis on optimizing performance and SEO for an enhanced user experience.

Our actions

Our design approach has been developed based on the products, enhancing visual appeal. We have implemented functionalities to facilitate easy product reviews for customers. Customers are now able to seamlessly merge images with frame options for comprehensive reviews. A user-friendly mega menu has been integrated to improve product discoverability, providing an intuitive search experience. Simultaneously, we have standardized website SEO practices and optimized overall performance to meet the desired standards of excellence.

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