10+ best converting Shopify themes in 2024


For new E-commerce store owners seeking to establish a successful online shop, is selecting a high-converting Shopify theme essential? Indeed, the answer is yes. Rather than installing, configuring, and maintaining numerous applications, a comprehensive theme can provide all the necessary features such as user-friendly navigation, optimized product display, fast loading times, and mobile responsiveness—that work together seamlessly to create an engaging experience, thereby converting visitors efficiently. To support the important first step of theme selection, we conducted a thorough analysis of over 100 Shopify themes from leading marketplaces and theme development companies, from which we identified the top 11 themes that are proven to significantly improve your store’s conversion rates.

A. Free Shopify themes

For those starting their e-commerce journey or operating on a tight budget, free Shopify themes offer a useful solution. 

1. Dawn

Price: Free

Best fit:  Fashion

Rating: 181 reviews (31% positive)

Dawn outperforms with the minimal theme| Source: Shopify

One of the freest premier Shopify themes is Dawn as it has a stylish, minimalistic layout that puts the focus on the products with big, clear text, clean lines, and a streamlined font family, which reduces distraction and facilitates quicker decision-making processes. 

Key features:

– Minimal design & media-forward product pages

– Capability to produce promotion banners and cross-selling offers

– Shipping and delivery information added to product pages

– Available slideshows, image galleries, and product options 

– Sticky header & mega menu 

– Massive menu and sticky header 

– Visual brand storytelling enhancement

2. Refresh

Price: Free

Rating: 20+ reviews (27% positive)

Usage: Cosmetic

Refresh developed by Shopify | Source: Shopify

It features a clean and modern design, making a bold brand statement with assertive headings and a minimalist color palette that directs attention to your products. Refresh’s design approach eliminates distractions and highlights product details, thereby improving the likelihood of engaging visitors to click for more discovery.


– Quick buy option for customers

– FAQ page creation capability

– High-resolution images

3. Crave

Price: Free

Rating: 11 reviews (27% positive)

Theme Style: Flourish, Spark, Inspire, Bloom 

Would businesses like to highlight the unique characteristics of their brand with an eye-catching theme? Crave is the lively free Shopify theme, specifically made for niches where your images are crucial, crank up the fun with bold colors and distinct shadows that demand attention from buyers while showcasing the personality of your brand like food and beverage.  

Crave outclasses due to an eye-catching theme | Source: Shopify

Key features:

– Promotional banners, cross-selling, and quick buy option

– Mobile-optimized layout and dynamic checkout button

– Advanced block customization options

– Playful and vibrant look home-page layout

– Product filtering and sorting

4. Craft

Price: Free

Rating: 15 reviews (60% positive)

Suit for: Handmade and other jewelry brands require an eye-catching display

Craft standouts with refined theme |Source: Shopify

Craft’s honest and authentic design features generous spacing and elegant typography, ensuring page content stands out. The lightbox screenshot enlargement and elevated storytelling capabilities allow you to showcase your brand and its values through rich, resulting in customers interested in connecting with the brand and offerings and making a purchase.

Key features:

– Mega menus for big product catalogs

– High-resolution images and videos

– Shipping/delivery information

– Product usage information sections

B. Paid Shopify themes

For established store owners or those seeking advanced features and a more customized shopping experience, a paid Shopify theme option could be a game-changer. The following premium themes offer extensive functionalities, enhanced design elements, and superior support, ensuring that the e-commerce store stands out in a competitive market.

1. Kalles

Price: $89

Rating: 4.99 out of 5.0 (1,600+ reviews)

Suitability for: Furniture, pets, electronics, and fashion stores

Crafted for exceptional e-commerce performance with a contemporary edge, Kalles ensures that the online store appears and functions seamlessly on any device, enhancing the user experience. This adaptive design, which automatically adjusts to the device’s specifications and dimensions without friction, leads to a smoother browsing experience. As a result, customers are more likely to stay on the site longer and complete purchases, thereby increasing the conversion rate. 

Additional key features:

– Provide 50+ home page layouts 

– Boost conversions with a shipping bar in the shopping cart 

– Add complementary products to product pages (upsells)

– Implement smart filters for category pages

– Utilize multimedia product pages (3D, image, and video)

– Present goods in a stylish manner and make it simple for consumers to explore, choose, and buy.

2. Motion

Price: $350

Rating: 98% positive

Theme styles: Classic – Elegant – Minimal

Best for: Outdoor apparel and gear brands

It is one of the best ways to create a captivating shopping experience as well as top-converting Shopify themes, with an enticing full-screen image or video on the homepage, customizable product collections, and sticky descriptions. In order to encourage purchases, Motion also provides features that target conversions, such as product zoom, rapid buy buttons, and user reviews. 

Highlight features:

– Display full-screen video or image on the home page

– Include customer testimonials section

– Enable quick buy functionality for effortless and prompt purchasing 

– Create smooth animations across web pages

3. Retina

Price: $220

Rating: 96% positive

Theme styles: Austin, Melbourne, Montreal,  Amsterdam

Developed by Out of the Sandbox, Retina has become a top choice among fashion merchants due to its modern layout and attention-grabbing product images, which significantly help in creating a positive first impression and make the shopping experience enjoyable, encouraging visitors to stay longer and explore more products.

Retina showcases products with bold imagery and refined styling |Source: Shopify

Highlight features:

– Modern and polished design

– User-friendly editing options

– Supportive customer service

– Size chart and color swatch

– Product image slideshow

– Advanced search and filtering capabilities

4. Broadcast

Price Plan: $360

Rating: 220 reviews ( 93% positive) 

Theme Style: Bold, modern, bright, clean

Broadcast is designed to incentive sales  | Source: Shopify

It empowers sellers to create an engaging visual story with autoplay background films on the homepage and look-book layouts. Broadcast’s extensive customization options cater to both single-line and multi-brand businesses, enabling quick site launches with feature-rich sections on pre-built content pages like About, Story, FAQ, and Contact.

Key Features

– Dynamic visual tales present products in authentic settings to captivate visitors with lookbook functionality and homepage movies that deliver immersive brand storytelling

– Quick product views make it possible for consumers to explore products quickly, preview details effectively, make decisions more quickly, and complete purchases more quickly.

– Testimonials from satisfied clients boost credibility and trust by using social proof to highlight good experiences and help close deals with prospective clients

5. Boost

Price: $300

Rating: 70+ reviews, 89% positive

Theme styles: Inspire, Flourish, Spark, Bloom

The Boost Shopify theme, published by Clean Canvas Ltd, recreates a rich in-store shopping experience with immersive content and multiple product display variations, providing clear information, and reducing hesitation hence empowering customers to explore every product angle.

Boost owns a playful and powerful premium theme |Source: Shopify

Highlight features:

– Integrated SEO techniques to improve visibility on the internet

– Versatile and sophisticated product filters for simple search parameterization

– Personalized promotion sections to successfully highlight products

– An inspiring format for lookbook displays that are engaging

6. Eurus

Price: $200

Rating: 100% positive

Theme styles: Breeze – Breath

Built with new cutting-edge technology by BSS commerce, Eurus is known as a fast (reaching a speed of 98), feature-rich, and mobile-first theme. Optimized for Shopify Speed Score, this Shopify theme enhances the store’s performance with excellent Core Web Vitals metrics, and adaptive Light/Dark modes based on device detection.  These features result in faster load times, improved customer satisfaction, retention of customers who want to explore the website more, and an increase in the probability of placing an order because of this positive experience. 

Eurus is a fast and feature-rich theme  |Source: Shopify

Highlight features:

– Break Free From Apps with a 4-level Mega menu, infinite Product Badges, per-page Pop-ups, and other features

– Improve UX, mobile-first, and speed optimization clever navigation with Light/Dark mode detection on the device

– Customize extremely, offer complete control over the creation of an arresting visual impact with over 25 strong parts and blocks

– Increase store conversion by using the countdown timer to convey a sense of urgency and scarcity

7. Taiga

Price: $380

Rating: 5 stars (10+ reviews, 100% positive )

Best for: Fashion and apparel Shopify brands

Theme styles: Mint, Sage, Bubbly

This is a premium Shopify 3.4.0 theme available in the official Shopify themes store. Woolman created Taiga to boost the store’s speed and performance by seamlessly integrating videos, pictures, and texts on both desktop and mobile, offering over 10 video sections and customizable design settings to ensure the store is 100% unique to build distinctive and cohesive visual product presentation which grasp visitors’ attention and foster purchase decisions. 

Taiga highlights blazing fast and modern theme | Source: Shopify

Additional key features:

– Modern sections e.g. a countdown timer, or featured look

– Quick buy option for customer checkout

– 10+sections showcasing excellent photos and videos

– A modular codebase for modification simple

– Showcase featured products

There is no denying that the foundational step in establishing your store is selecting an appropriate Shopify theme. Instead of dedicating countless hours to sifting through numerous options, this curated list above will help businesses choose the theme that best aligns with their store’s needs and demands. In case you need further personalization or enhancement for your front end, our Wgentech team is here to offer an enhanced feature set to support you throughout this process.