Striding Towards Efficiency: Jimmy Lion's Global Evolution in Sock Fashion and Wgentech's Tech-Driven Solutions

Tech Stack

Frameworks & Tools
  • Shopify
  • ShopifyPlus
  • GoogleAnalytics
IndustryClothing & Beauty

Client’s introduction

Founded in 2014 in New York, Jimmy Lion offers premium designer socks at affordable prices. With a global presence spanning 50 countries and 400 stores, the brand has grown exponentially, even opening its flagship store. With offices in Madrid, New York, and Mexico, Jimmy Lion is a global force in the world of accessible, high-quality sock fashion.

Client’s demands

Given the global presence of multiple stores, Jimmy Lion has set up 8 Shopify stores, each integrated with the same application. However, this approach incurs significant costs for installing the app individually for each store. It needs to be reduced app expenses, ERP connection, upgraded marketing via Insider integration, and recoded app bundles. This unified, cost-effective platform will enhance operations and customer engagement across their global network. Consequently, they are seeking to build a new set of websites without incurring any fees for app installations.

Our actions

In response to Jimmy Lion’s request, Wgentech has created a brand-new website on the Shopify platform. We also developed a custom app directly attached to the website administration site, encompassing all the functionalities of the previous applications used by the store. This process involved transferring codes from one sample store to another, optimizing human resources and saving valuable time. Bundle pack was deployed with the concept of offering discount for family set or group set purchase, where discount is applied directly at the minicart & main cart screen.


The successful launch of all 8 stores has resulted in smooth operations, with increased customer orders. The challenging functionalities have been successfully completed, contributing to the overall success of the project.

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